What Will People Say?

1) "My family lives in this house and I don't want to be bothered."

2) "I don't want my neighbors to know that I may sell my house."​

3)  "I don't want to go back and forth on the price."

4) "I can sell my house at a net, net price? I like that!"

5) "I want to live near my grandchildren and I'm too lazy to go through the whole selling process."

6) "I know my house is worth more money; they know my house is worth more money, -- it makes sense!"

7) "Thanks to HERE"S MY PRICE I can now buy that cul-de-sac house with a view in the neighborhood I want!

8) "I never would have sold my home but when I finally said HERE"S MY PRICE, I couldn't refuse."

9) "At first I thought: the market sucks, a house like mine never goes on the market and the comps are terrible! But thanks to HERE'S MY PRICE, we can now sell our house and downsize."

10) "Real Estate is based 100%  on what a person is willing to pay. I knew what I wanted to buy and I was willing to pay for it! Thanks HMP!

11) "Thanks to HERE'S MY PRICE my kids are now in the school district my husband and I wanted for them!"

12) "Thanks to HERE'S MY PRICE we now live next door to our best friends."

13) "My husband and I were ready to downsize but never tried until HERE'S MY PRICE helped us find the house we were looking for."

14) "When I was first contacted by a HERE"S MY PRICE representative I said. "That's ridiculous. I wouldn't sell my home for any price." The broker said, "Any price?" I laughed and gave him my price. Would you believe my house sold seven weeks later?"

15) "The main reason I didn't want to sell my home was because I didn't want to pay the taxes unless they were lower. HERE'S MY PRICE got that price for me!"

16) "I wanted my son to be safe when he left for college and I was willing to pay a premium for the right location. I had already found the area but there were no homes on the market. Then I contacted HERE'S MY PRICE and they helped me find exactly the home I was looking for."

17)  "My husband and I have always dreamed of owning this particular house but it was never on the market. We contacted HMP and they took care of everything. Now we are living the dream!"

18) "You know what? I gave HERE'S MY PRICE a ridiculously high price for my house and they sold it AT THAT PRICE! I didn't even have to pay closing costs!"

19) "From a broker's point of view, HERE"S MY PRICE is giving me the income I need to support my family. I had a hard time getting listings the conventional way but now it's completely different. I love making people happy while earning a good living at the same time."

20) "HERE"S MY PRICE made selling my home so easy! I was able to download all the documents I needed from their website for free. Instead, and this was so great,  HMP charged a fee to the potential buyers which qualified them to view my home and sure enough, they bought it."

21)  "We put $200,000 into my home and that did not show up in the comps. Then my wife and I made our own video and showed it on the HERE'S MY PRICE website. We must have done a great job because the people who bought it live 2,000 miles away."

22) "Been there, done that! This time I gave my HERE'S MY PRICE broker a price and they got it for me. The rest is history."

23)  "When my husband was transferred we decided to try something different so we went on the HERE'S MY PRICE website and watched videos of houses that were not for sale. That seemed strange but then we got it: for a certain price, with no haggling, we could sell our home for the price we wanted. Not only was it revolutionary, it worked!."

24) "Thanks to HERE'S MY PRICE for asking us to give them a price. We sold our home at that price with no closing costs or broker fees."

25)  "I never considered buying a house on the internet until I saw the HERE'S MY PRICE website. I have now purchased 35 homes for rentals in 9 different states.