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HMP has created a networked concept that will shift the consciousness of the customary Home Buyer and Home Owner. HMP believes that soon there may be two types of asking prices for homes: One is the asking price of homes that are for sale, and the other is the asking price of homes that are Not for Sale

Buyer's Purchase Homes That Are Not For Sale!

If a potential Buyer is looking for a home that is NOT FOR SALE by typing in an address the Exclusive Agent's picture and contact information will be on the right side of the page. If a Buyer registers online for free and requests information about any home in their territory, the Exclusive Agent will contact that potential Buyer. First, the potential Buyer must agree to the HMP Terms and Conditions which includes paying a maximum of 6% commission and all of the closing costs.

If there is no Exclusive Agent then the local Agents and Brokers that registered for free on the HMP website and agreed to the HMP Terms and Conditions will be notified that there is a potential Buyer that is interested in purchasing a home that is NOT FOR SALE. The Agents and Brokers that register on the HMP website are willing to contact the Homeowners one way or another of homes that are NOT FOR SALE.

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